Marriage Preparation Courses

Marriage Preparation Courses

Marriage Preparation Courses of the Commission for Family are conducted in English and Hindi alternatively every month (except in June) in order to help the couples planning to get marry. The programme aims at helping the couples discern the choice of partners, provide them with a deeper understanding of Christian marriage and basic skills to cope with the challenges in married life. At the end of the three days programme a certificate of attendance is given which is mandatory for getting married in the Archdiocese of Delhi.

Some frequently asked questions:

For whom the marriage preparation course is designed?

The course is designed for those planning to get marry in the Catholic Church. The non-Catholic parners are also expected to attend the course, preferably with the Catholic partner.

Do we have to be present for the whole course?

Yes, your presence for the whole course is necessary to get the certificate. Marriage is a life-time commitment for which much preparation is required. Two -three days are too little by way of preparation for a life time.

Can non-Catholics attend the course?

Yes, you can get your non-Catholic friends to attend the course. It is understood that there will be some catholic content in the course. A letter of recommendation introducing the person is required, if your non-Catholic friends would like to attend the programme.

What is the reporting time and what time does it end?

The reporting time at the centre (normally held at Navinta, near Don Bosco Technical Institute, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi) is at 5. 00 pm on Friday and the programme ends around 4.30 pm on Sunday.

Does one need to book seats in advance?

We recommend you to book your place in advance downloading the Marriage Preparation Course Form and handing over the filled in form to the centres or by filing in the online form.

Cancellations: How do we go about it? And do we get a refund of our money?

As arrangements have to be made for the food, resource material, etc. we need advance notice of cancellations. The earlier you cancel the better. You can then get a refund but with a deduction of Rs. 100/- as cancellation fees.

When do we have to book seats for the course? Do we have to come in person to register?

You are expected to book your place at least one week in advance before the commencement of the course. We need to make arrangements for your accommodation in advance. We expect you to come in person and register, if the registration is done at the place where the programme is held. Apart from online registration, we have provision for a few seats at the moment at the venue of the programme.

What about a change in name, if the name is miss-spelt, at registration, how do we correct it and when?

Such changes and corrections should be intimated as soon as possible, the latest being a week before the course.

What about the certificate? When will we get it?

The course attendance certificate is given to each participant after successfully completing the course at the end of the programme. Successfully completing the course involves participation in all the sessions, completed all the session workshops and the organisers are satisfied with the quality of participation.

What about the things to carry by participants for the residential course?

Participants need to bring along a baithing towel and toiletries, apart from their personal things.