Marriage Encounter

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Are you looking for a way to increase the love and romance in your marriage?  Do you need time just for the two of you to restore communication, renew commitment and rekindle romance … to fall in love all over again?

A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend Experience may be the answer! 

Instead of simply listening to lectures about how to improve your marriage, you will actually learn a practical communication technique and have an opportunity to rediscover your hopes and dreams for your marriage.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a Movement which aims to give couples who are engaged, married, or in long-standing relationships and commitment the opportunity to enrich and refresh their relationships. It also seeks to give priests and religious the chance to reflect on their vocation and enhance their relationship with their parish and community.

The story of Worldwide Marriage Encounter began in 1952 when a young priest in Spain, Father Gabriel Calvo, began developing a series of conferences for married couples, whose focus was on the development of an open and honest relationship within marriage and learning to live out a sacramental relationship in the service of others. Each presentation ended with a question designed to encourage the couple to look at the concepts presented in terms of their own relationship. For approximately 10 years the “marriage teams of Pope Pious XII,” as the presentations were called, travelled throughout Spain with this series of conferences for married couples.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is considered the first marriage enrichment program offered to married couples.

Through living the concepts of the foundational experience, their sacraments come alive. Couples are empowered to become evangelisers by witnessing to God’s love. Priests and religious are called into greater communion with their people; they are not alone in carrying out the mission of the Church. The community that emerges is a real experience of the Church.

For Clarification or Registration:

Joseph Noronha & Edlyn : 981392070/9953574649 (Coordinator)
Clarence & Anna : 8587055957
Fr. Vincent Vaz CSsR : 8053492369
Fr. Keni Philomin Raj: 8700424238 (Priest In-charge)