Marriage & Family Workshops

Family Enrichment Workshops

Our Family Enrichment Workshops are resource programs which support families who may be at risk because of social, psychological or financial stress. The Family Enrichment Workshops aim at strengthening their ability to deal with the issues of families affecting their life.

We currently offer three marriage and family enrichment programmes: CANA REVISIT, CHRISTIAN PARENTING and FIRST STEPS COURSE. Our experienced resource persons assist parish groups in conducting these workshops at their places in Hindi and English.

There is a need to continually strengthen the bond of marriage, and to deepen the couple’s intimate relationship and friendship through effective communication and the sincere gift of self. The CANA REVISIT workshop helps couples with the knowledge and tools to achieve greater marital happiness and unity. The module of Cana Revisit consists of Theology of Marriage, Theology of the Body, Communication Skills and Conflict Management , supported by the sharing of a couple.

CHRISTIAN PARENTING workshop focuses on educating parents on four major recognised parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and disengaged. Each one carries different characteristics and brings about different reactions in the children which they are used on.

The third module is FIRST STEPS COURSE which is a practical course for parents with very young children from newborn to 3 years old, helping parents develop the basic good habits of orderliness, good sleeping and eating habits, hygiene and virtues in their children. It provides technical information on early childhood education.

“Parents are their children’s first and best teachers.” We intend to develop more modules to help the parent education process in order to enrich the families. Parishes and groups may contact the Director of the Family Apostolate or the Coordinators for booking workshops and assistance.


CANA REVISIT: Mr. Ignatius Topno – 9811559661
CHRISTIAN PARENTING: Mr. T.K. Davasia – 9868452638
FIRST STEPS COURSE: Dr. Daisy Panna Kerketta M.D. – 9810454990