Christian Family Movement (CFM)

Christian Family Movement (CFM)

Christian Family Movement is a network of parish/neighbourhood small groups of families. Through the use of programming available and the dynamics of small group interaction, Christian values are reinforced and families are encouraged to reach out in action to others.

The CFM group consists of five to seven families with the adults meeting regularly in each other’s homes, or at the parish. Through the use of CFM’s many different programs, members discuss what they have observed in their own family or community, judge what they have seen in the light of Jesus’ teaching, and then act to change things for the better.

The observe – judge- act method is the “Jocist Method” first pioneered by Canon Joseph Cardijn, founder of the Young Christian Worker Movement in Belgium. Through the application of this method, many CFM families have become involved in helping others in such ministries as foster-parenting, prison ministry, refugee sponsorship, religious education and couple counselling.

The six stated goals for Christian Family Movement for their members to strive to accomplish:

  1. To develop a consciousness (both a family and a social consciousness) based on Christian principles and examples;
  2. To develop responsible, concerned and happy families that are part of a supportive and affirming network of families within every community who will individually and collectively reach out to others in need;
  3. To offer opportunities for families to grow in their personal relationships with one another as well as with their friends, neighbours and co-workers;
  4. To develop a caring society that not only recognizes, but actively supports family life;
  5. To initiate and encourage research on the actual needs of Christian families;
  6. To continue to foster the international spirit of the Christian Family Movement.

The CFM was active in the Archdiocese. The Commission for Family is trying to reactivate the movement to provide an alternative support system to the couples and help the Christian families discover the movement’s unique charism.